18. Peonies and Rhubarb Leaves - Bennett-Oates


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"We are encouraging people in the cities to use every bit of space to work with the soil, work with the seed, grow your own food. This works as a solution to climate change because if we can get rid of industrial agricultural and long-distance transport, which accounts for 40% of the greenhouse gases, in your little balcony with five pots you've already made a contribution. We need a mind shift because people are feeling so helpless, that climate change is too big a phenomenon and we can do nothing about it, but when you are part of addressing 40% of the problem and you see you have a role, then you have power. 


Vandana Shiva - C40 Cities - www.c40.org

No 18. Peonies and Rhubarb Leaves - Bennett-Oates



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