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Climate change is an unprecedented challenge,

but it is also a great opportunity.

Humans are ingenious and have created technology and social systems that have raised us above the brutal adversity that nature can bestow. The Greenhouse is a listed II* building and is part of the UK's 'Superhomes' network. The Greenhouse Trust is a national award winning charity which 'brings people together to create sustainable living'.

'Creativity is the power to reject the past, to change the status quo and to see new potential.”
Artist, Chinese human rights activist: Ai Wei wei


The Greenhouse Trust administers the Climate Art Fund, which has been set up to support, commission and co-ordinate creative responses to climate change locally. We know that there are few easy solutions to the accelerating impacts of global warming, but art provides an important avenue through which to engage new people with climate change and their personal response to it. The process of creating and staging themed environmental art exhibitions positions artists, and everyone who comes to look at, discuss, support or buy artists work, as among those people actively working to keep the global temperature from accelerating further.


The global crises is for many incomprehensible. On one hand the impacts are discussed as being in the future and not for us, whilst on the other hand, it is clear what we do right now will determine whether future generations are condemned to 2oC or 4oC or 6OC of global warming. All climate scientists agree humans can live with the impacts of some warming, but beyond 2oC the likely impacts will condemn humans and millions of other species to brutal extinction.

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