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To find out more about everyone involved with the Greenhouse Trust, click on the person of interest to read about their role.

Patrons: Lady Vanetta Joffe, Bruce Kent, Dr Mick Kelly & Marchioness of Worcester

Trustees and Directors: Frankie Abel, Kathryn Amos, Margaret Charnley (Chair), Alex Ives, Roger Leaton & Greg Smith

Greenhouse Staff and Volunteers: Tigger, Tessa Fox, Tom Loudon, Sam Tawn & Illona Britton

Lady Vanetta Joffe
Artist wife of Baron Joffe.
Society for all artists member.
Bruce Kent
Vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
and the nations favourite peace campaigner.
Dr. Mick Kelly
Climate scientist, author and consultant with Tanelorn Associates, New Zealand.He is an associate staff member of the Stockholm Environment Institute and operates ‘Tiempo’ a climate change cyberlibrary’ with his wife Sarah Granich.
Marchioness of Worcester
Filmaker (Pig Business) , actress and environment campaigner. Julian Assange freedom campaigner. Signatory to the Greenhouse Trust’s successful appeal to purchase and renovate the Greenhouse building.
Frankie Abel
Retired site manager and builder.
Kathryn Amos
Lecturer in Sedimentology at the Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide; teaches geology and engineering students and researches the sedimentary record in modern and ancient environments.
Maggie Charnley
Works for government on soils and contaminated land policy, and active in a number of local community groups including the WI.
Alexander Ives
Sinology and Mandarin language graduate of the University of Edinburgh and National Taiwan University. Specialising now primarily in audio recording, live sound engineering and music production.
Roger Leaton
Former BT manager and Friends of the Earth transport campaigner.
Greg Smith
Environmental economist specialising in payments for ecosystem services, individual decision making, non-market valuation, and experimental and behavioural economics.
Fine art and printing BA graduate, Norwich School of Art
Greenhouse designer, Gallery and Building Manager
Sylvia Abel
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