I studied Fine Art in the School of Art, Newcastle-under-Lyme College/ Staffordshire University from 1993 –1995. I am an entomologist as well as an artist.  My concern for the protection of the natural world, the decline of biodiversity and the impact of climate change on many species has led me to produce work which attempts to be thought provoking and to encourage action.


I can absorb the natural world through all my senses and feel ‘at one with nature’.  As an artist I interpret the world as I see it, which is very much in an abstract way.  I see patterns and structures in the smallest detail and have done so since childhood.  This ‘way of seeing’ seems natural to me and allows me to constantly develop my art and to explore new forms and techniques.

Submerged - Oil on board

Red Cloud - Digital Monoprint - Edition

Reflections 2 - Digital Monoprint

Reflections 1 - Digital Monoprint

Distant Hills - Digital Monoprint - Edit

Are you listening - Mxd Media on board

Hidden Gems - Mxd Media - silk coccons,

Deluge - Acrylic on wood panel


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