I trained at Bristol Polytechnic and the Royal Academy Schools and also did a year on the MA printmaking course at the Royal College of Art. 


I am interested in trying to make work that achieves a balance between still and moving elements. This idea can be found in a variety of subjects; from looking at the contrast between the movement of water inside and outside a harbour; or in the pattern of weather systems moving across the globe, or in purely abstract forms. This striving for balance could represent a metaphor for the journey through life.I like to work with simplified marks and shapes such as squares, because they relate to each other visually and can have a number of different possible meanings - this is potentially a source of visual poetry. I also like oppositions in a picture, such as stillness set against movement - I am influenced by Oriental Art in this respect. 

Weather system passing through N

Section - Woodblock AP

Oak - Woodcut - AP

Push - Woodcut - AP

Rainy Field - Woodcut Print - Edition of

Harbour in Cornwall - Woodcut - AP

Leaf - Woodcut - AP

Lines - Woodcut - AP

Fall - Woodcut - AP

Green Spaces - Woodcut - AP

Globe - Oil on Canvas -

Eddy - Woodcut - AP

Winter Squares - Woodcut - AP


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