I came to Norwich to obtain a BA in Fine Art, and was taught by Mel Smith and Nigel Henderson. I graduated in 1981. I was also extremely fortunate to be tutored by Nick Green – cultural historian at UEA, before his death from AIDS. 


In 1986 I became a founding Trustee of the Greenhouse Trust & the Norwich Gay Men's Health Project. I have worked on a wide range of environmental projects, designing, illustrating, writing, painting and printing images and text, all firmly rooted in the cultural challenges of the 'Climate Emergency'.


I tend to create sets of images that have a number of related formal concerns, and techniques. I use mechanical printing and hand-drawn marks, responding to the conceptual issue, generating work anywhere on the continuum of figuration, through abstraction to non-figuration. 

Stupid Really - You'd have thougt..

Artic Tern - Climate Refugee - Print  fr

You Know How I Feel

Tidal Flight - Print  from pen & ink dra

Shag of a day - Print  from pen & ink dr

Soaring Above - Print  from pen & ink dr

Proliferation of Terror - Print  from pe

Silent Spring - Print  from pen & ink dr

There's A Stone In My Heart - Print  fro


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Proliferation of Terror - Print  from pe