I gained my art degree at Polytechnic South West and then a post graduate in Advanced Printmaking at Central St Martin’s College of Art where the late David Gluck RE introduced me to mezzotint print making. I currently produce etchings and work in mezzotint only when the image demands the tonal effects that mezzotint can. 


My work tends to focus on the environment, the evolution of man and his material wealth, the development of bigger and bigger cities, more and more people, cars and industry on the planet and the consequences this has on nature. Some reviews have labelled my work as ´black humour´ but I always try to depict a positive message too - the persistence of nature in recapturing what once belonged to the earth.

Tescopoly - Etching - Edition of 100

Consumer - Etching - Edition of 100

Epilogue  -Etching - Edition of 100

Butterfly Effect -Etching - Edition of 1

Alone  -Etching - Edition of 100

Guilt  -Etching - Edition of 100

Industree  -Etching - Edition of 100

Persistence  -Etching - Edition of 100

Tesco-Excess  -Etching - Edition of 100.

Tunnel Vision

Once-we-were-kings  -Etching - Edition o


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